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‘BBBB’ a growing sensation

A community fitness group piloted by social media have celebrated their one-year anniversary of street workouts at Bondi Beach. Stan Veniaminov, founder of the ‘Bondi Beach Bar Brutes’ (BBBB), was inspired by the growing international network of fitness groups on Facebook and YouTube and began to post videos of members working out. "The video culture […]

What would amalgamation mean for Waverley?

Waverley Council financial operations are under the scope after the release of the draft Sydney Metropolitan Plan, sparking renewed speculation over amalgamation. The State Government’s plan has placed fiscal accountability as crucial in the development of Sydney’s transport and infrastructure for 2031. The government is currently assessing the merit of amalgamating the 152 councils in […]

Hugh Bamford depot scrapped via Facebook

In a first for Waverley Council, Mayor Sally Betts announced on Facebook that any proposal to build a sub depot at Hugh Bamford Reserve had been abandoned. The mayor said she had made the decision to take the idea off the table at least a month ago and planned to raise the matter via a […]

Council gripes on Twitter

Queens Park wunderkind Chris Hamlin, 25, has launched a web page where residents of any local government area in Australia can complain to their council about local problems, and Waverly ratepayers are among the first to benefit. Complaints can be entered on the site using a simple blog-like interface, and after validation the gripe is […]

Council wants better shark surveillance

The first shark attack at Bondi Beach in 80 years has prompted Waverley Council to look for ways to better protect beachgoers at Bondi, Bronte and Tamarama beaches. Mayor Sally Betts said the council had instructed lifeguards to improve surveillance, and has asked the Bondi Marine Discovery Centre to provide more public information about sharks […]