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Rally demands pill testing

By Laura Neill The pill-testing debate ignited at Town Hall last Saturday as hundreds of pro-testing campaigners rallied to force the issue on the government’s election agenda, just one week after the recent drug-related fatality of 19-year-old Alex King. Hundreds of protesters brandishing signs and banners gathered outside Sydney Town Hall to protest the NSW […]

“Transparency is never in the interest of those with power”

Tom Raue writes about his experience as a whistleblower in the University of Sydney Union. Power corrupts; there is a reason we say that. From torture in Abu Ghraib to both sides of NSW politics, people with authority abuse it. Transparency and whistle blowing help ensure they don’t get away with it. This is why […]

Student banned from campus after protesting education cuts

A University of Sydney student has been banned from campus after participating in a protest staged during a visit from Foreign Minister Julie Bishop. On May 16, about 50 students held a snap action against Ms Bishop in the wake of the federal government delivering the most severe budget for tertiary education in national history. […]

Raue survives board vote

By Oscar Coleman The activist vice-president of the University of Sydney Union (USU), Tom Raue, will remain in his current position following the failure of a dismissal motion against him. Six of the 11 directors voted for his removal, falling short of the two-thirds majority required to expel Mr Raue from the board. The motion […]

Student leader faces dismissal, bankruptcy

By Sean O'Grady The University of Sydney’s student union will decide whether to dismiss its embattled vice-president, Tom Raue, at a special meeting on April 17, the board has confirmed. The decision to press ahead with a motion for Mr Raue’s removal follows a Supreme Court ruling in March that overturned an injunction preventing his […]

News in brief

Raue on the ropes The vice-president of the University of Sydney student union, Tom Raue, may be expelled after the NSW Supreme Court ruled that the union's board of directors has the power to remove fellow directors. The board moved to expel Raue after he leaked a sentence from a confidential report to the student […]

Raue’s expulsion leads to student rebuke

The University of Sydney Union (USU) has confirmed it is seeking to have its Vice-President Tom Raue expelled from the board after he leaked information contained in an internal report to student newspaper Honi Soit. The student organisation’s attempt to remove the elected board director has stirred controversy at the university and earned the organisation […]