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Tim Hulsman – Get Loved

Melbourne-based musician Tim Hulsman delivers his music with heart and soul, and takes command of his guitar playing and his vocal delivery. Music fans who enjoy acoustic ballads with themes related to love and triumph will get right into his latest album, Get Loved. At first listen it is apparent he is a versatile songwriter that […]

Tim Hulsman – Dead Man’s Chest

Tim Hulsman’s Dead Man’s Garden is at once beautiful and rough. It is slow, gritty and sometimes sad, rolling along a line of strings. The album’s 10 tracks wade in and keep to a constant tempo, threatening to drop and tickling the ears with a hint of something just underneath. They pull and push in […]

Tim Hulsman

We catch Tim Hulsman as he is booking accommodation for his pending tour. It may seem a simple task to undertake on a Wednesday afternoon, but if you snuck a peek at his itinerary, chances are you would be baffled by some names. But as Hulsman explains, it’s all part of the plan. “I went […]