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Finn Andrews

Since signing a record deal at just 16 years old, Finn Andrews and his band The Veils have released five albums together, appeared in David Lynch's reboot of Twin Peaks, as well as on soundtracks by luminary film directors Tim Burton and Paolo Sorrentino. Yet that still didn’t exhaust all of Andrews’ creative juices. While […]


Dumbo is a film with heart, soul and everything else in between. There are some very macabre moments when your heart is literally in your mouth and moments when you are jumping up on your seat with the pure joy of just being a part of the magic. A faded pastiche of times gone by […]

Big Fish

Mention musicals and most people think big stage, big cast, big budget. They run for big seasons with big advertising budgets, that sees them sprawled across bus shelters and AM radio. Sure ‘Mega-musicals’ have their place but sometimes entertainment supplants art and one can walk out wondering whether they have really ‘felt’ anything or just […]