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During the 1970s in Sydney, the live music scene gathered momentum in numerous pubs and large licensed clubs. There were some smaller independent venues around but they often found it difficult to compete with the financial clout of the larger operators. For the pubs and clubs, promoting live music was a lucrative means of attracting […]

William Crighton

Acclaimed singer-songwriter and unique Australian performer William Crighton is set to embark on his first ever solo headline tour next week. Prior to the performance, City Hub spoke with Crighton to gain an insight into his reasoning behind making this change to the live performance. Despite touring the world extensively as a band the challenge […]

Labor’s plan to revive live music

By Laura Neill The State Labor government has released a detailed plan to revive the live music scene and support venue owners by reversing years of stifling legislation, removing the red tape that prevents existing venues from hosting live entertainment, and simplifying the process for starting a venue. The plan, launched last week by Shadow […]

Laughing With Those On The Fringe

As the Sydney Fringe Festival continues to grow and evolve it still has one main focus which is to ‘highlight, amplify and promote the work of local Sydney artists to the world.’ The Sydney Fringe is the perfect conduit to highlight Sydney’s unique artistic voice because the city’s creative scene is ‘brave, new, imaginative, challenging […]


Two women, four Doc Martens and an abundance of acoustic instruments. This sums up the talented duo that is Chanel Lucas and Roz Pappalardo aka Women in Docs, whose latest single Carousel is floating on the musical plane as a taster for their much-anticipated album of the same name, due out next February. “I really […]