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The Leftovers Collective are pushing the boundaries and releasing an original artform which combines social experiments and classic works.  Genderfication explores the social norms of gender, comparing binary, non-binary and fluid gender identification, with biological sex.  The actors are each going to perform the same script in their own unique way to see if the […]

Encounter My Heart

Put your beliefs to the test with Encounter My Heart, a newly devised immersive theatre experience from The Leftovers Collective. Lower yourself into the murky waters of moral ambiguity and explore where you personally draw the lines of forgiveness with this punchy half-hour performance, which borrows anonymous confessions from members of the Sydney public. “All […]


The Inaugural Election for Ruler concerning the United Royal Republic Country Homeland of Invasia is approaching. Five candidates from the planet are in the running and it is up to you, the citizens, to vote in the leader who earns your trust. But how do you choose a leader when their policies aren’t even delivered […]