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REVIEW: The Wit And Wisdom Of Donald J. Trump (The J Stands For Genius)

From Sydney-based cartoonist Mark Lynch comes his new book The Wit And Wisdom Of Donald J. Trump (The J stands For Genius). As a former editorial cartoonist for The Australian newspaper, Lynch is no stranger to political humour. This is very evident as you flick through the pages of his new book, with each turn […]

Food News – Beer

Event season has started, good and proper, and beer is the first order of the day. To kick things off, I headed to Hotel Centennial for dinner (cooked by Justin North) with singer/songwriter Josh Pyke and music industry heavyweight, Mark Pope.

A demagogue creeps out from under his rock

Sydneysider - A Personal Journey A couple of days ago a friend forwarded to me for comment a long poisonous diatribe against Halal food labelling that is doing the rounds on Facebook. Here's a sample: “Toasted cheese with a dollop of Vegemite was my favourite late night snack, but I leave off the Vegemite now […]

Green Left Weekly clocks up 1000 issues

After more than 20 years in print, the Green Left Weekly has celebrated its 1000th issue, which was published on Wednesday. The newspaper, distributed across Australia, views itself as a progressive alternative to growing levels of media concentration and actively campaigns for a range of causes including feminism, anti-imperialism and the protection of civil liberties. […]

The Australian Heritage Hotel

With an illustrated menu depicting every tourist’s fantasy of Sydney – the golden sands of Bondi Beach parked right under the Sydney Harbour Bridge – this historic hotel is obviously keen to woo international visitors.