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Aussie rock is seeing a resurgence recently and Adelaide’s own Grenadiers have been playing their part, the most recent example of this being their new film clip for single Suburban Life. Despite essentially no planning ahead of shooting the film clip frontman Jessie Coulter said it “was the least shit film clip” he has been […]

Isidro Blasco – Structures and Passages

Isidro Blasco is an artist who is fascinated with shapes and the architecture of buildings, bridges and highways. When I spoke to this New York City artist, he inspired me to look at the world around me with slightly different eyes. Our world “changes all the time” Blasco says and this is where he wants […]

The Tommyhawks

For many bands it’s not necessarily the moments on stage that stand out in their memories but rather it’s the feeling of camaraderie they have when travelling up and down the roads between gigs. The Tommyhawks Ness Thornton echoed this sentiment when speaking to the City Hub ahead of their shows in Sydney next week. […]


By Coffin Ed. SBS Viceland is currently running an interesting series titled ‘Abandoned’, in which presenter and skateboarder Rick McCrank takes viewers on a tour of some of America’s classic abandoned buildings, sporting and entertainment facilities. Needless to say the vibe is very much post-apocalyptic as Rick skates his way around disused Southern speedways and […]


If you believe a recent report in the Daily Telegraph, “Sydney is in the grip of a rat plague so big it is threatening to undermine the city’s reputation with overseas visitors”. The report goes on to say “There are now more disease-ridden rats living in Sydney than people, and requests for exterminations have doubled in […]

LIVE WIRE – Sydney’s Live Music Guide Mar 30

Glenn Skuthorpe: Find the crossroads of blues roots country and folk and you will discover Nhunggabarra, Kooma, Muruwari man and international touring singer Glenn Skuthorpe with his guitar, mandolin, banjo and harmonicas in hand. Thu, Mar 20, Camelot Lounge Martha Tilston: Has grown up immersed in music. Her singer-songwriter father Steve Tilston and renowned folk singer […]


The upcoming show for Melbourne’s Kingswood represents a full circle type moment for the band. This sense of going full circle comes after the release of their second album After Hours, Close To Dawn earlier this month which is allowing them to take to stages around the country and welcome with them a bunch of […]

Mercan Dede

Tonight a truly innovative performer who blends ancient Sufi and modern electronic music will take to the stage of the Oxford Art Factory. The Turkish born but now Montreal based Mercan Dede describes himself as “a very ordinary person with no specific talent for music” yet he has created something unique and mesmerising. Dede’s unique […]

The Bleeding Tree

Sydney Theatre Company shares with Griffin Theatre Company in bringing the original production of The Bleeding Tree by Angus Cerini to the Wharf in March. The Bleeding Tree premiered at Griffin Theatre Company in 2015, earning praise as “a great and complex production” (The Australian). It went on to win three Helpmann Awards – including Best Play for […]

The Laden Table

A fraught love story, with global issues and political themes told through the prism of personal stories. It carries a message that we are to learn from the lessons of the past and look to the future, and no matter our difference we should treat one another through dignity and respect. The Fishmans are Jewish, and […]