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It begins when they meet at University – Lian, the shy Chinese exchange student and Dylan, the carefree charismatic Sydneysider. As the years go by their paths cross and lives entwine, drawn closer until the personal and political collide. "They have such a great love for each other," says Ursula Mills, who plays Lian, "but […]

Children of the Sun

Maxim Gorky’s 1905 play, Children of the Sun, is revisited by celebrated playwright Andrew Upton and The Sydney Theatre Company. Delineated as a tragic comedy, this production has previously been very well received and it is now adapted further for its approaching STC curtain call featuring a prima cast: Justine Clarke, Jacqueline McKenzie, Chris Ryan, […]

Review – The Effect

Connie (Anna McGahan) is a psychology student – a thinker who faces the world by trying to understand it. Tristan (Mark Leonard Winter) is a drifter – impulsive, a risk-taker who funds his holidays by renting his body out to science. When they sign up for a new anti-depressant drug trial, they fall in love […]


The classic tale of ambition, betrayal and brutality, Shakespeare’s Macbeth has been imagined onstage many times before. However, director Kip Williams of Sydney Theatre Company’s new adaptation has a keen determination to set it apart from the rest. In a complete reversal of all theatre norms, the audience will sit on the stage itself while […]

The Effect

Connie and Tristan are polar opposites who sign up for a new anti-depressant drug trial. As the dosage goes up they fall in love - but is this the real thing or just an adverse side effect? Does it matter? Analysing the results from an objective distance are doctors Lorna and Toby. They used to […]


Jez Butterworth’s savagely comic play, Mojo, is a thriller which examines the dark underside of the halcyon days of rock ’n’ roll with grim humour and strong language. “It (Mojo) captures that playful exciting vibrant language and uncanny chain of events that occur,” says Sam Haft, who plays ‘Baby’. “It’s a real comic thriller and […]

Review – Perplex

Philosophy, like theatre, can be so pretentious. Sipping on middle class champagne while pondering existential matters – such as, are we really here? It’s just begging for some comedic deconstruction. Sounds like a monologue approaching. No, it’s Sarah Giles' direction of Marius Von Mayenberg’s, Perplex - and like a careless match into a box of […]

Funding set for Walsh Bay festival

A new community festival in Walsh Bay will attempt to bring people back to the area’s quiet streets and assist struggling retailers. The Walsh Bay Arts Festival, the brainchild of Walsh Bay Arts and Commerce, is expected to take place in December. “We’ve had shopfronts empty for seven or eight years because of lack of […]


The enriching tale of the mischievous Pinocchio holds a nostalgic place in the hearts of many. There have been a plethora of adaptations, however, the new theatrical performance of Pinocchio by Adelaide’s Windmill Theatre will breathe new life into the age-old story. The classic will be modernised through contemporary music, dance and design. The play, […]


A young couple arrive home from holidays to find that things are not quite as they left them. There are some weird pot plants around, the electricity has been cut-off, the apartment smells terrible – and where are the friends they left housesitting? Here they come, but who lives where and with whom? So opens […]