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Never Did Me Any Harm

In this dance production, co-produced by Force Majeure and Sydney Theatre Company, Alan Flower plays various roles including a child and a father. The story examines modern parenting, and the many ways to get it wrong, right, or somewhere in between. Inspired by Christos Tsiolkas’ The Slap, Flower also described it as a way of […]

All My Sons

Although written almost 70 years ago, Arthur Miller’s first great play, All My Sons, could not be more topical. Post-war soul-searching had begun to question the whole American dream and Miller’s works were at the forefront. Kip Williams has assembled cracking cast for this STC production. Joe Keller (John Howard) is the self-made businessman who […]

Hay Fever – presented by STC

So much of modern comedy owes to the wry slapstick of Noel Coward. Clever and droll, his characters are always ready for another dry martini or a classy misstep. The Sydney Theatre Company presents Hay Fever, first produced in 1925. For fans of Noel Coward, this tale of naughty people is among his earliest and […]

King Charles III

The Queen is dead. Long live the King! In a future time – perhaps not too far into the future – Charles ascends to the throne and attempts to rescue the monarchy from irrelevance. Rather than acquiesce to the status quo he makes a principled stand, eschewing the cheap political pragmatics of our day. Playwright […]


Often renowned as one of the greatest plays of the 20th century, Tom Stoppard's Arcadia will be presented by the Sydney Theatre Company this month. The production, directed by Richard Cottrel, dabbles in a mix of comedy, sleuthing, period romance and mathematical theory. The search for truth and knowledge in the face of mystery is […]

The Golden Age

The Sydney Theatre Company launches the 2016 season with a production that still resonates with theatregoers since its inception in 1985: The Golden Age by Louis Nowra. It’s a play that strikingly explores Australia’s dark commencement as a nation by asking the questions at the very core of our history. “This narrative of belonging is […]

STC’s The Wharf Revue

Celebrating 15 years and 21 shows of irreverent political satire, the Sydney Theatre Company is putting on a special birthday edition of The Wharf Revue. With humble beginnings, the The Wharf Revue initially began on the set of The Recruit in Sydney’s Wharf Theatre as an adaption of Three Men and a Baby Grand––but is now […]

Arms and the Man

Looking for a witty and exciting play this spring? Arms and the Man, presented by the Sydney Theatre Company, is now playing at the Opera House. The newest adaptation of the George Bernard Shaw classic stars Crownies and Janet King actress, Andrea Demetriades as well as Mitchell Butel, Charlie Cousins, Deborah Kennedy and William Zappa. […]

Cyrano de Bergerac

Edmond Rostand’s timeless play about expectation, identity and the power of words and beauty, seems especially relevant in today’s age of online personas, catfishing and Tinder. “It’s funny how we curate our personas based on how we think people will perceive them,” observes Eryn Jean Norvill, the production’s Roxanne. “What we project in the world […]


In STC’s latest production Switzerland, playwright Joanna Murray-Smith and Director Sarah Goodes craft a thriller about the master of crime-thrillers, Patricia Highsmith. Held up in a house in the Swiss Alps, the hardened and eccentric writer (Sarah Peirse) lives in the secluded company of her cats, guns and books. But her isolated retreat is disrupted […]