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My Leonard Cohen

Every time Stewart D’Arrietta brings a show to Sydney the tickets quickly become hot commodities. Next Friday when he brings the 2019 iteration of My Leonard Cohen to The Bridge Hotel we expect that scenario to play out once again. Driven by D’Arrietta’s raw and distinctive vocal style, this stirring celebration of Leonard Cohen’s music […]

Lennon Through A Glass Onion

Initially slated for a three week engagement at Sydney’s Tilbury Hotel 25 years ago, this tribute show which was devised by and stars John Waters and Stewart D’Arrietta, continues to pull in large crowds whenever it returns to Sydney. The critically praised two-man show has toured to New York, London and Tokyo and includes 31 […]

Belly Of A Drunken Piano

Stewart D’Arrietta is set to take audiences on a passionate, demented and intense rock journey through the rich catalogue of music from the legendary Tom Waits with his show Belly Of A Drunken Piano. By mining some of Waits' most memorable hits such as Martha, The Piano Has Been Drinking, Big In Japan and Hold […]

My Leonard Cohen

Last time Stewart D’Arrietta visited Sydney with his show My Leonard Cohen he sold out the Sydney Opera House, next month when he returns he will be taking the show in a new direction with a very intimate performance at The Bridge Hotel in Rozelle. Driven by D'Arrietta's raw and distinctive vocal style, this stirring […]


Taking a gander into the world of an immortalised icon generally takes the form of tribute acts, art galleries or documentaries. Scandals and typical interviews with the daughter of the personal assistant and other tenuously linked personnel water down the achievements and ignore the positives of the life in question. However, the fantastical talent that […]