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Kyol Blakeney shakes up student council

By Tang Li Last week Kyol Blakeney won the 2015 presidency of the Sydney University Students’ Representative Council (SRC), ending a long period of Labor leadership at the university and becoming the first Indigenous president in a decade. In a massive triumph, Blakeney won every single voting booth, claiming 61 per cent of the vote, […]

Combatting homelessness amongst LGBTIQ students

A new crisis accommodation initiative at the University of NSW has been implemented in order to combat homelessness amongst LGBTIQ students. UNSW queer officer Dylan Lloyd, who was a key advocate for the initiative, had to leave his home in the western suburbs as a result of facing an abusive situation after coming out. Mr […]

Prime time outrage over education deregulation

In the federal budget announced on Tuesday night, Treasurer Joe Hockey unveiled the most sweeping changes to the higher education sector since the 1970s, including the deregulation of tertiary education fees and increases to student contributions. These reforms are what students from the Education Action Group were drawing attention to when they staged a protest […]

Genitalia censorship in dispute

The fallout has continued after 18 vulvae belonging to women of Sydney University appeared on the cover of student newspaper Honi Soit last week, in a protest against the stigmatisation of female genitalia in contemporary society. In an editorial, the newspapers’ editors wrote: "We are tired of vaginas being either artificially sexualised (see: porn) or […]