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The 1960s were an exciting time for any young person looking to play music and finding that inspiration in something like the American blues tradition. Warren Nunn and Chris Piper were a couple of friends living in Christchurch, New Zealand who had just discovered the likes of Muddy Waters and Robert Johnson in their local […]

BOOK REVIEW: Don Walker – Songs

For more than 40 years Don Walker’s songs have been imprinted into our collective DNA as if our very souls have been permeated by a giant earworm. With the release of his new book Songs Walker has put some of his considerable songwriting output into a 304 page compendium that shows his strengths as a […]

Fair Dinkum Aussie Festival

“You’re not a fully fledged, fair dinkum Aussie until you’ve been to the Tamworth Country Music Festival at least once.” The above statement by Australian country music legend Lee Kernaghan reflects just how important he views this ever growing festival to be, not just for country music but for Australian culture as a whole. Tamworth […]

Having a beer with Duncan

By Michael Hitch I love to have a beer with Duncan …  and I’d love to have a beer with Darcy too. Inner Westies can rejoice as the Inner West Council has revealed new plans to protect local watering holes from dreary redevelopments after studies revealed a number of historic hotels are not heritage listed. […]