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Theatre For People Who Hate Theatre

If you don't like what Short+Sweet is doing, relax - they've got a new piece for you in about 10 minutes. The Short+Sweet theatre festival is back for a historic 19th year. Since its inception this humble little presentation – an evening of theatre, dance, cabaret and comedy, in fast and furious ten-minute chunks - has […]

Death Of Community Theatre

By Jade Morellini For centuries, theatre has been driving a rich culture of storytelling among communities, expressing the voices of many and uniting them as one. Theatres provide a place to discuss new ideas and to stimulate conversations about events occurring around the world, or to question the norms. After the devastating news surfaced of […]

Bite Size Theatre – Short+Sweet 2018

By Emily Shen Short+Sweet, the world’s biggest little theatre festival, returns to Sydney in 2018 for its 17th year running. Featuring a huge array of theatre, dance, cabaret and comedy performances – all in ten-minute bite-sized chunks – the originally Sydney-based festival has spawned numerous versions around the globe. “It’s a great opportunity for up-and-comers […]