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Annie Baker’s plays are long - very long - and they often have an indiscernible plot arc, banal dialogue, and inexplicable pauses in conversations. It’s her style and you either love it or hate it. You’ll want to decide that before you commit to the three and a half hours of John, now playing at […]

The Dismissal

Director, actor and producer, Jay James Moody and his very own Theatre Company, Squabbalogic, are presenting a brand new musical based on the dismissal of Gough Whitlam at the Seymour Centre. It will be a short run as the production is billed as a pre-world premiere which means that the company needs to gauge audience […]


Branden Jacobs-Jenkins’ darkly wry play set in a New York magazine office was shortlisted for a Pulitzer Prize and has received high acclaim from critics in New York and London. It makes its Sydney debut at the Seymour Centre in June and seems likely to attract the same kind of buzz.  Based around a competitive, […]

Made To Measure

How do people manage their inner voices when they find themselves the victims of bias? What happens to a person when they feel judged? These are questions Alana Valentine, award-winning Australian playwright, asked herself when writing her new play, Made To Measure, which examines internalised discrimination and “flippant social attitudes” around the subject of weight. […]

The Wild Party

The Seymour Centre will host a wild party for two weeks, beginning today. Based on the 1928 poem by Joseph Moncure March and directed by Alexander Andrews, The Wild Party follows Queenie and her lover, Burrs as they host a fantastical evening. As the night progresses, tension rises when Queenie’s best friend and rival brings […]

Kasey Chambers

Next year will mark 20 years since the release of Kasey Chambers’ debut album, The Captain, and yet despite this she is still incredibly humble and self deprecating when speaking about her journey. “To be honest when I first started playing music, even before The Captain, I resigned myself to the fact I would never […]

REVIEW: The Flick

Outhouse Theatre Company and the Seymour Centre present playwright Annie Baker’s, The Flick at the Reginald Theatre. The creatives behind the show include Craig Baldwin as director, set and costume design by Hugh O’Connor, lighting design by Martin Kinnane, sound composition and design by Nate Edmondson and more. Playwright Annie Baker has an array of productions […]

REVIEW: The Shifting Heart

This well-regarded classic Australian play, written in 1957 by Richard Beynon and set against a backdrop of post war hardship in Collingwood, Melbourne would only need some costume and reference updates to align with present day social politics. The story revolves around the Bianchi family: Poppa (Tony Poli), Momma (Dina Panozzo), 21 year old son […]

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

Many people know the Ken Kesey bestseller, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest through its adaptation into the multi award winning 1975 film starring Jack Nicholson. However, a year after the book was first published (1962) it was adapted successfully for stage and has continued to be produced as a play ever since. Sport For Jove […]

My Friend The Chocolate Cake

Naming a new band can be an arduous process or it can be done out of pure necessity, for Melbourne band My Friend The Chocolate Cake it was the latter. As band member Helen Mountfort recalls, “David [Bridie] came up with it the night before our first gig together and now 28 years later here […]