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The Girl In The Spider’s Web

The opening scenes, which are featured in the trailer, show Lisbeth Salander (Claire Foy) exacting her personal brand of justice on a wife and prostitute beating, philandering wealthy businessman. It falsely suggests that the plot will evolve from this act of feminist based vigilantism, but alas, it does not. Instead, it is centred around the […]

King Lear

It's impossible to describe Ian McKellen's performance in the National Theatre's production of King Lear without using an exhaustive list of superlatives. Given his status as an actor, you'd expect him to be amazing but he's beyond that. This movie is a live production that was filmed especially, and so it allows close ups, varied […]

Bohemian Rhapsody

One of history’s most iconic bands and frontmen receive the biopic treatment with Bohemian Rhapsody. Having access to the full catalogue of hits from Queen gives this film an unfair advantage over any other film, unfortunately though this becomes the film’s crux as it eschews diving into the nuanced life of Mercury with any depth. […]


For 40 years now fans of the Halloween franchise have been screaming out for a worthy successor to original, mercifully they’ve finally been given one with the 2018 rendition. This iteration of the franchise immediately abolishes all of the lore established through the numerous sequel abominations that have preceded by grounding this version in a […]

Teenage Dads – Potpourri Lake

With one foot in indie pop and the other in indie rock, Teenage Dads will remind a listener of a modern clash between the Beatles and the Beach Boys.  The band consists of 19 year old Melbourne boys who create music in their home studio, affectionately referred to as “The Shed”. However, while the deliberately […]

Book Week

Frustrated high school teacher and once-successful writer Nicholas Cutler (Alan Dukes) finally has a new publishing deal on the horizon. He has one week to do some minor rewrites, stay out of trouble, and participate in the odd media puff piece. Sounds easy enough, but with a reputation for drunkenness, recklessness, and cantankerousness, an evening […]

Hellions – Rue

Rue is a much more melodic rock approach than Hellions have produced before. This new approach has moments of brilliance and others which fall flat. Building off of their previous record, Opera Oblivia, Hellions have continued down the atmospheric, lyrical heavy path which has created a deep, dark and mystical record. This style gives the […]

The Cleaners

In a world of fake news, alternative facts, cyber bulling, hacking and the mere debate over the validity of free speech comes an incredibly timely and important documentary. The Cleaners goes beyond the computer screen to explore the people and methods employed by social media and technology companies to moderate content posted on the various […]

REVIEW: Ear To The Edge Of Time

After some immersive research that included interviews with astrophysicists, a close encounter with the Parkes Radio Telescope and trips to Manchester, Oxford, Greenwich and the Vatican Library in Rome, Alana Valentine wrote Ear To The Edge Of Time and won the 2012 STAGE International Script Competition for best play about Science or Technology. It’s a […]

Hands Like Houses – Anon

Anon is the latest record from Aussie rockers Hands Like Houses and dives into the very machinations of the things that can make us all feel isolated, nameless and faceless, whether that is anxiety, heartbreak, alcoholism and many more. Throughout the record the band have produced a wide ranging soundscape of styles which range from […]