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Huntly – Low Grade Buzz

The debut album, Low Grade Buzz, from Melbourne trio Huntly is a melancholic offering which also acts as a reassuring blanket for those sullen moments when you’re feeling all alone. Throughout the record, the group follow their mantra of “doof you can cry to.” They do this by blending incredibly emotional lyrics with unique, catchy, […]

REVIEW: Werther

Why is it that in opera, as the plot becomes more melancholic, the singing gets better, as was evident in Opera Australia’s Werther? Director Elijah Moshinsky gave the first three acts of this production a contemporary, light atmosphere – quite different to Goethe’s novel called The Sorrows Of Young Werther, on which French composer Massenet […]


Greta is the new name in terror, a character so perversely evil and repugnant that audiences will think twice before befriending middle-aged women again. When 20-something Frances (Chloe Grace Moretz) meets Greta (Isabelle Huppert), a seemingly innocent and lonely woman, a bond develops until Frances makes a discovery which doesn’t just shatter their friendship but threatens […]

Lil Halima – for the dark days

The second EP from rising Norwegian pop star Lil Halima is an incredibly honest, vulnerable and mesmerising glimpse into her life, particularly during the polar darkness of her hometown in Northern Norway. Whilst for the dark days is described as a pop record it doesn’t follow the typical norms of the genre. Rather this EP […]

Eighth Grade

The feature film directorial debut of Bo Burnham is a film which blurs the line between fictional drama and documentary as it chronicles the final weeks of the eighth grade for 13 year old Kayla (Elsie Fisher). Set in a modern world, where technology and social media are the centre of the teen universe, Eighth […]

Mikey Mike’s – Life On Earth

Californian Mikey Mike’s debut EP Life On Earth has a very distinctive sound to it, thanks to its blending of pop sonics, philosophical lyricism, indie guitar rock and soul melodies. Throughout the record Mikey debates the meaning of life, friendships, and the end of the world. All through a positive, and occasionally humorous lens. With […]


If Dick Cheney was the true brains of the operation behind the ‘war on terror’, as Vice will have you believe, then it isn’t a tough leap to make to say that director Adam McKay is the brains behind unconventional storytelling through film. Well known for his ground breaking films The Big Short, Anchorman: The […]

AFI – The Missing Man

The latest EP, The Missing Man, from punk legends AFI is everything fans of the band have grown to love throughout the years. The Missing Man is aggressive while simultaneously being easy to listen and sing along with. Comprising only five short tracks the record is punchy and doesn’t ever skip a beat, something which […]


A woman is walking through snow dressed in a black singlet and pants, screaming, falling, her arms leaving pinkish stains in the snow as they flail beside her. Opening credits. A long montage featuring snippets of audition interviews with young, ambitious dancers. Cut to a warehouse sized building in rural France that has been converted […]

Mumford & Sons – Delta

Mumford & Sons’ latest offering, Delta, is like a warm embrace from a loved one thanks to its etherial lyrics and gentle melodies. The record stays true to the groups folk-rock roots whilst also expanding to generate a more grand orchestral sound. The group does this by injecting elements drawn from jazz and pop alongside […]