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REVIEW: Little Miss Sunshine

Two words aptly describe the Sydney premiere production of Little Miss Sunshine which is based on the 2006 smash hit film by the same name – absolutely delightful!! The story follows the journey of an extremely dysfunctional yet strangely inspirational family as they embark on a long road trip from New Mexico to California. The […]

Fenn Wilson – Ghost Heroin

Fenn Wilson has released his first full-length album Ghost Heroin, which is a musical exposition of the journey from darkness to catharsis.  The Melbourne based musician had already developed a reputation for himself as an emotionally raw and rhythmically talented artist through his EP Tales Of The Black Dog, which showcased his guitar skills. But, […]

Beth Hart – War In My Mind

Beth Hart explores the full breadth of genres on her latest record, War In My Mind. However, the one key element always tying the record together is her incredible vocal performance throughout. War In My Mind is a lengthy album, clocking in at close to an hour for its 12 tracks. With such a diverse […]


Annie Baker’s plays are long - very long - and they often have an indiscernible plot arc, banal dialogue, and inexplicable pauses in conversations. It’s her style and you either love it or hate it. You’ll want to decide that before you commit to the three and a half hours of John, now playing at […]

Bag Raiders – Horizons

Since first appearing on the scene in 2010 Bag Raiders have been leaders of an entire generation of electronic artists. During that time the duo of Jack Glass and Chris Stacey have been constantly evolving, growing, and maturing. Their long-awaited 12 track offering, Horizons, is the ultimate distillation of this process over the course of […]

Killswitch Engage – Atonement

Trailblazing metalcore legends Killswitch Engage return with their eighth studio album, Atonement. The culmination of two turbulent years of work the record packs an aggressive punch which is complemented by incredibly technical guitar riffs and some of the bands most heartfelt lyricism ever. Atonement is a clear example of Killswitch Engage’s maturation as both a band and as men. […]

B Boys – Dudu

The B Boys manage to capture the bleak mundaneness of everyday life but deliver it in a way which is somehow engaging and enjoyable to listen along to. Throughout the record, the band lay down track after track of buzzing indie rock. What truly sets them apart though is the clear, simple and matter of […]

Northlane – Alien

Sydney rockers Northlane return with another driving hardcore rock record, but this time they have sprinkled in plenty of soul and heart. Lyrically and thematically this record is a departure from Northlane’s roots. On previous outings, the group had chosen to focus on broad societal issues whereas with Alien they have chosen to look inward […]

Sum 41 – Order In Decline

The seventh studio album from Sum 41 hits shelves week and highlights the group's growth throughout the span of their career. The record opens with a strong emo punk track, Turning Away. From there though Sum 41 continues down their steady path of maturation as they explore a heavier, faster and more metal approach to […]

BOOK REVIEW: Don Walker – Songs

For more than 40 years Don Walker’s songs have been imprinted into our collective DNA as if our very souls have been permeated by a giant earworm. With the release of his new book Songs Walker has put some of his considerable songwriting output into a 304 page compendium that shows his strengths as a […]