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Solar Solutions

BY ALEC SMART The Australian Government’s Standing Committee on the Environment and Energy is holding a feasibility study into introducing nuclear power. A public forum inviting submissions and comment closed on September 16. But does Australia, which emits significant climate-warming carbon dioxide (CO2) from its fossil fuel fired power stations, need to transition to nuclear […]

Sun shines on students’ bright idea

BY JOSEPH FENAUGHTY A group of UNSW students decided that doing a full time engineering degree is not enough of a workload for them, so they built a solar car to enter the 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. The car they built, a four-door sedan named ‘Violet’, looks like most cars you see on the […]

City report shows it’s not easy being Green

BY CHRISTOPHER HARRIS At the council meeting of March 21. Labor Councillor Linda Scott called on the City of Sydney to develop a fully costed plan to meet sustainability targets Her motion, which was voted down, aimed to address the current projection that the City will fall about 600,000 tonnes of carbon short of its […]

Consultant blasts energy plan

An independent sustainability coach has slammed parts of the City of Sydney’s Renewable Energy Plan adopted at a council meeting on Monday. Michael Mobbs, a former environmental lawyer now associate lecturer at the University of Technology, described points of the plan related to anaerobic digestion of food waste as “deeply misleading” and “obscene”. Anaerobic digestion […]