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Thousands march to #BringThemHere

BY JOAN HENSON Thousands of Sydneysiders joined national rallies on Palm Sunday to demand an end to offshore detention and that the 914 refugees on Nauru and Manus Island be resettled in Australia. Some 5,000 people marched from Belmore Park to Victoria Park in Sydney, while 21,000 people campaigned nationwide. Sydney’s rally celebrated parliament’s passage […]

Another Villawood death

BY JANE SALMON Another young man, Milad El Jabieri, died in Villawood Detention Centre on Monday 4 March 2019. He was from Iraq. He had a “cousin” in Sydney. Milad El Jabiri and his family member had been refugees together since 5 years of age but had become estranged over time. Refugee advocate Fabia Claridge, […]

Death comes again to Villawood

By John Moyle Deep inside Villawood Immigration Detention Centre last Friday night, a 33-year-old man died by his own hands while he was on suicide watch. A statement to City Hub from the Department of Home Affairs on Monday acknowledged the death and concluded by saying, “This matter has been referred for investigation by appropriate […]

A Well Founded Fear Special Screening

A decade ago filmmakers followed Phil Glendenning as he tracked down people who were deported by the Australian Government after their claims for protection were rejected. A Well Founded Fear is the story of Phil’s search. This week the Edmund Rice Centre will host a special screening of this poignant film in the hopes of […]

Refugees hung out to dry at Archibald Prize

BY SORAYA PEREZ MOHAMMED   An Iranian artist currently seeking asylum in Sydney has had her work exhibited in the Art Gallery of NSW last Friday, to challenge to the political discourse about people seeking asylum.   Atefeh Hekmat was the lead artist on the Archibald Prize entry- a collaboration with 27 other refugees to […]

Refugees dispatched into communication wilderness

Refugee advocates have speculated that around 80 asylum seekers from Villawood Detention Centre were relocated to the remote locations of Curtin and Yongah Hill because of ongoing legal proceedings. The detainees were given a letter from the Department of Immigration on March 31, which told them they were being transferred because the detention centre is […]

The long wait on Manus Island

Recent protests by refugees and the reprisal by local police and security contractors at the Manus Island Detention Centre have left one asylum seeker dead and more than 60 others wounded. The unrest was sparked by an announcement made to asylum seekers that they would not be leaving Manus Island or Papua New Guinea regardless […]

Asylum outrage sparks community campaigns

Community groups advocating a more compassionate approach to asylum seeker policy have reported large increases in membership and engagement. The renewed interest is thought to be in response to recent media coverage highlighting the living conditions of asylum seekers at offshore processing centres on Manus Island and Nauru. Reported controversies include the confiscation of glasses, […]

Villawood detainees’ bags searched

The Federal Government’s immigration policies have intensified, with children detained at Villawood’s residential housing section now subject to bag searches before and after school. Bag searches began almost two weeks ago, affecting 12 school-age children in the housing complex. Searches are conducted by escort staff in the reception building of the compound both before and […]