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Bar Fly: Woolpack Hotel

My approach to cooking steak usually involves buying whatever's on special, overcooking it until it resembles old carpet, and then failing to rescue the taste by drowning it in tomato sauce. Since discovering this cool Redfern gastropub, my approach has changed... now I leave it to the professionals at The Woolpack to fulfil my meat cravings with a grilled slab of what I'm convinced is Sydney's best steak.

Food News – Hereford Red Beef

Nutritionist and cattle farmer, James Bjorksten, is producing some of the best grass-fed beef I’ve eaten under the name of Hereford Red Beef. The cream coloured fat is simply magnificent, leading to a super-tasty steak that literally melts in your mouth.

Redfern Tent Embassy calls whitewash on Supreme Court finding

BY CHRISTOPHER HARRIS The NSW Supreme Court has ordered the Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy not to interfere with the redevelopment of the former site of the Block. The decision was handed down on Monday, with Justice Hulme stating the Embassy must “be restrained with from attempting to interfere with the plaintiff’s possession of the land”. […]

Recycling rewards Sydneysiders

BY JAZ SINGH-BRAR Two more reward based recycling machines have been placed in Wynyard and Redfern following a successful 12 month trial that collected over 75,000 plastic bottles and cans. The scheme, implemented by the City of Sydney, started with machines in Haymarket and Circular Quay, and rewarded participants not with cash but various prizes. […]

One year on and the Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy continues to fight

By Callum Cyrus   The Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy continues to represent Sydney’s indigenous community in protest, one year after the Embassy pitched tents at Eveleigh Street. Despite several eviction notices, with the latest timed to coincide with Sorry Day, the Embassy remains. The community at Redfern’s Block is pitted against the Aboriginal Housing Company […]

Bar Fly: Social-Laneway

You'll have trouble finding a bar in Sydney with a more welcoming vibe than this cosy wedge of community spirit.

Tent embassy remains under threat

By Callum Cyrus   A leading figure of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy has challenged the authorities to take occupiers to court after they were threatened with eviction on National Sorry Day. Protesters at The Block in Eveleigh Street, Redfern were issued with a 14-day eviction notice on Tuesday May 12 by the Aboriginal Housing Company […]

Pitt St Diner

Every neighbourhood should have a little Parisian bistro. Better still, one with young French chefs from the south-west of France in the kitchen who play to their seaside strengths and offer up a clattering mound of Moules Marinières ($25) in a white wine and cream sauce, slightly smoky from a good flambé.

Sydney unites for Indigenous rights

By Emily Contador-Kelsall Around 2,000 protesters gathered at Belmore Park last Friday April 10 to unite against the controversial decision to forcibly close Aboriginal communities in Western Australia. Protesters in Sydney’s march walked from Belmore Park near Central to the Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy. Marchers not only condemned the forced closure of Aboriginal communities in […]

Council concerned over ATP privatisation

By Lauren O'Connor   The City of Sydney have recommended employment and heritage sites at the Australian Technology Park (ATP) be contractually protected in the event of its privatisation. An independent review into the "opportunities and risks relating to the sale of the ATP" commissioned by the council was examined on Monday February 23. Lord […]