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Back in the 1800s in Sydney you could go to the beach during the day as long as you didn’t leave the sand. Daylight bathing in the harbour or surf was effectively banned and it was until the start of the 20th century that local councils amended the law. In 1902 for example Randwick Council, […]

Developers scrubbed out in Little Bay

BY JADE MORELLINI Randwick Council is opposing a new development proposal in Little Bay for 45 new residential apartments due to the devastating impact this could have on the environment and health of endangered species. Owners of 11 Jennifer St, Little Bay are hoping for court approval for the development of a three-storey residential flat […]

Violent feuds destroying families

BY JADE MORELLINI The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) has released its first comprehensive report, Family, domestic and sexual violence in Australia 2018, which sheds light on the devastating truth behind violence in Australia. This report unites information from over 20 different major data sources to reveal a drastic increase in family and […]

Busting up our buses

BY JADE MORELLINI Randwick Council is standing up against the privatisation of Sydney buses. During the Council’s last meeting on 28 November, a Mayoral Minute opposing privatisation of Sydney Buses was approved. It stated, “Council voice its opposition to the privatisation of Sydney buses, and its support for the STA bus drivers, on Council’s website […]

Dry beaches this summer

BY JADE MORELLINI After introducing a permanent ban on the consumption of alcohol at Coogee Beach, Randwick Council has extended the ban to other Eastern Suburbs’ beaches, from Clovelly to La Perouse, over this festive season. This has provoked anger amongst locals who disagree. The alcohol ban at Coogee was put in place after 15 […]

Light rail, major impacts

BY JADE MORELLINI Light Rail construction taking place along the Sydney CBD, Randwick and Kingsford is having a substantial impact on smaller businesses in the area, with a large number of stores having moved out or closed down. Kensington Supermarket has been thriving for five years along Anzac Parade but now it is one of […]

Sydney is losing the plot

BY JADE MORELLINI Sydney cemeteries are running out of space with only 15 years of burial capacity left, and the rising death rates are not making it any better. Death rates are increasing at fewer than 2% compound per annum and will increase at this rate for the next 34 years. In NSW at the […]

Cyclists need more bike lanes to ride

BY JESSICA DE VERA One in five cyclists have abandoned battling other motorists in Sydney because of the safety risks associated with riding, according to the Austroads’ Australian Cycling Participation Survey 2017. But the upcoming Sydney Rides Festival, a month-long event by the City of Sydney Council, is hoping to change that statistic and promote […]

Mergers front and centre in September

BY MEL SOMERVILLE   The NSW Government’s proposed amalgamations will be a major issue for candidates to address in the lead up to Randwick Council elections, which will be held on Saturday the 9th September. The proposed merger of Randwick council with Waverley and Woollahra councils has been halted pending Woollahra’s appeal to the High […]

New hospital plans sicken Randwick residents

BY MEL SOMERVILLE The $720 million Randwick Health and Education Precinct expansion linking Prince of Wales hospital with UNSW announced in the recent Budget, came totally out of the blue for the Randwick Councillors. The new Acute Services Building will see the demolition of 88 properties. 26 are owned by UNSW, with the remaining are […]