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Inner West Council demerger urged

BY ALEC SMART The newly elected Inner West Council is considering overturning the forced amalgamation that brought three councils together in May 2016, and return them to their constituent parts. At the Inner West Council meeting on 24 October, councillors debated whether to hold a plebiscite on de-amalgamating Inner West Council. The issue was ultimately […]

Angela takes on the big end of town

BY ALEX EUGENE Small businesses suffering a downturn in revenue because of the bungled Sydney Light Rail construction could soon have a dedicated Member of Parliament defending their rights. Independent City of Sydney Councillor Angela Vithoulkas plans to enter state politics as leader of the 'Small Business Matters Party.' After fighting uphill battles in local […]

All Betts are off for Waverley election

BY ANITA SENARATNA Liberal councillors, including current mayor Sally Betts, currently dominate the beachside council of Waverley. But the failed merger with neighbouring councils of Randwick and Woollahra and the controversial Bondi Pavilion upgrade could see the tides change for the Liberal Party at the upcoming local government election on September 9. The State Liberal […]

Independents Day of reckoning in the Inner West

BY TOMMY BOUTROUS   On Saturday, September 9, residents of the former Leichhardt, Marrickille and Ashfield Councils will elect councilors for the new Inner West Council. In 2016 the amalgamation of these three separate inner west councils more than halved the number of local representatives in the area from 36 to 15. On Saturday voters […]

What I’ll Never Say

Often reality and truth are stranger than fiction, especially when it comes to the world of politics. So it was only fitting for Stuart Englund to draw upon his decade embedded within the political world for his new Sydney Fringe Festival performance What I’ll Never Say. Stuart Englund has spent the last 10 years consulting with almost […]

Clover Moore: our lips are sealed

BY ALEX EUGENE City of Sydney Councillor Craig Chung is gathering signatures for a petition demanding that the Lord Mayor Clover Moore stops refusing to allow council meetings to be live streamed to the public. Cr Chung moved a motion at the most recent council meeting to propose taking up live-streaming, electronically recorded voting and […]

Foley’s left-wing legitimacy questioned

By Lauren O'Connor Luke Foley won the NSW Labor Leadership in a caucus meeting on the first Monday of the new year. He became opposition leader unopposed. A committed Catholic and family man who reportedly consulted his wife Edel McKenna, three children and mother before entering the ballot for opposition leader. Foley was considered the […]

We are all hostages when the wheels go up

There had always been something a little weird about the pilot. Whenever the subject of Captain Abbott came up, many people mentioned the male anorexia thing. “There’s gotta be something weird about a man who runs all those triathlons,” they’d say, and they’d speculate about self-punishment. There would usually be (nudge-nudge, wink-wink) some talk about […]

Try again, Tony: your say on the new government

Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s new government has met a skeptical reception on the streets of Sydney’s inner west, with locals expressing concern about its first week priorities. The Inner West Independent spoke to shoppers in Glebe, Balmain and Leichhardt on Sunday, four days after the new administration was sworn in. The government’s decisions to cut […]

Leichhardt Mayor Darcy Byrne re-elected

Labor's Darcy Byrne has been re-elected Mayor of Leichhardt with the support of the Greens at a meeting of Leichhardt Council on Wednesday night. Liberal Councillor John Jobling contested the position but was defeated eight votes to four. Labor's Linda Kelly was re-elected Deputy Mayor over the Liberals' Tony Constantino. Greens Councillor Rochelle Porteous said […]