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Australian universities still linked to Palestine

BY SORAYA PEREZ MOHAMMED Academics say Australia is endorsing the violence in Palestine by keeping open channels with Isreali universities-- at least when compared to our international counterparts on the global stage. Thousands of academics all over the world have boycotted Israeli universities and academics for their role in promoting the Israel-Palestine conflict. Now, they’re […]

Team Spin, Team hypocrisy

Christoper Pyne reckons the Abbott Government should be praised for dropping their attempt to repeal Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act. "It became perfectly obvious to the Government that there was limited community support for changing section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act … We should be getting a tick for listening rather than […]

From Leichhardt to Palestine, helping kids learn

In the inner west of Sydney, preschool education is something we take entirely for granted. Even when facilities are stretched, children will always find accommodation. Not so in the territories of Palestine, where even basic needs are insecure. Since 2007, the Leichhardt Friends of Hebron association has been raising funds for preschools in the Hebron […]