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Keep Calling

Stacey’s father has just died and she’s hiding out in his apartment. Grief can make a person do strange things – but she’s missed his funeral and the wake as well. Her estranged elder brother Sam arrives to talk sense and restore some sort of reality, but it is not without a struggle. It’s been a […]

Funding Slashed for Dozens of Australian Arts and Theatre Companies

The Australia Council has announced that 65 small to medium arts organisations will have their government funding slashed under its Four-Year Funding program, delivering a devastating blow to a significant portion of the visual arts sector. As part of their plan, the Council said they would provide $112 million of funding for 128 small and […]

Listen! I’m Telling You Stories

Listen! I’m Telling You Stories is a series of tales and reflections on life and the society that we live in that were sparked by a trip to Fowlers Gap Scientific Research Station, 112 kms north of Broken Hill. There are nine performers in the collective who tell some quite personal stories of friendship, family and […]


Asked about the name Tiny Stadiums, festival curator Amelia Wallin says it’s a “poetic way to capture what the festival does, it draws attention to the tiny spaces, that are often overlooked or forgotten and brings them to the foreground”. Featuring a line-up of live art and performance installation, this community arts festival will showcase […]