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REVIEW: Krapp’s Last Tape

There are two stars of Krapp’s Last Tape, the Samuel Beckett one-act that opened in a Red Line Productions show at the Old Fitz Theatre on Thursday. One is the set, by Brian Thomson, an accomplished worker on stage and film. A towering, glum phalanx of filing cabinets, battered and painted in a wan palette of […]


Marking its world-premiere season at the Old Fitz this August, Chorus brings Greek tragedy Agamemnon into contemporary Sydney culture. Featuring a creative team that boasts some of Sydney’s best emerging talent, Chorus is written by Ang Collins and directed by Clemence Williams. Presented with ground-breaking multimodal elements, Chorus follows the journey of Agamemnon, a pop-icon who has just returned […]

Anatomy Of A Suicide

Playing at the Old Fitz Theatre this June is Alice Birch’s Anatomy Of A Suicide, marking its Australian debut in Sydney’s iconic intimate performance space. A stunning piece of theatre focusing on the mental health/demise of three women, the play is staged by presenting three separate time frames simultaneously. With overlapping dialogue and a powerhouse […]

REVIEW: Cyprus Avenue

The Irish are a very passionate people. They can be quirky, poetic, romantic - and they can be horrendously, blindly violent. David Ireland’s play about a Northern Irish family dealing with the residual effects of The Troubles shows just how extreme these emotions can get. Eric (Roy Barker) is a staunch, immovable British Loyalist who […]


From the field to the theatre, Red Line Productions’ Fierce brings the world of AFL to the stage at the Old Fitz Theatre. Written by Jane E. Thompson the play tells the story of Suzie Flack, a female Aussie Rules Football player who enters the men’s league. But it’s about more than just “an ode to” […]

REVIEW: Degenerate Art

Degenerate Art was the name of the infamous exhibition mounted in Nazi Germany in 1937 that displayed the priceless treasures looted by the Nazis and destroyed the reputations of many modern artists, especially Jews, Communists, abstract painters, and expressionists, among others.  In his play of the same name, writer/director Tony Schmitz explores the notion of art […]

REVIEW: The Wolves

Wolves, a 2016 play and 2017 Pulitzer finalist by Sara DeLappe, being performed at the Old Fitz Theatre in Sydney until April 14, is certainly something to see. The opening scene is set as an all girls indoor soccer team chats and gossips amidst warmup drills and exercises. Conversations stem from their daily preoccupations - ranging […]

Death Of Community Theatre

By Jade Morellini For centuries, theatre has been driving a rich culture of storytelling among communities, expressing the voices of many and uniting them as one. Theatres provide a place to discuss new ideas and to stimulate conversations about events occurring around the world, or to question the norms. After the devastating news surfaced of […]

REVIEW: The Squeal In The Pen

It’s a short black comedy, 35 minutes of experimental, psychological fun, a type of Gestalt therapy; pure craziness with a twist of devotion and cruelty. The Squeal In The Pen is part of the New Fitz New Writers Program, one of ten new works commissioned exclusively for the Old Fitz Theatre. The Squeal In The […]

REVIEW: The Telescope

The Telescope is a feel good play that will keep you smiling from start to finish. Literally, the play begins with a man on stage that has the most mischievous look on his face that immediately makes the crowd burst into laughter. The entirety of the play is filled with hidden jokes and little quirks, left, right and […]