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Godface is an experimental and physical work brought to us by Matriark Theatre. Playing at The Old 505 Theatre in Surry Hills as a part of Freshworks, a program designed to bring unconventional works to the stage, the performance has been described as The Mighty Boosh meets Adventure Time. “The story is about a young girl […]


Orphans is described as “a dark and gritty thriller” by lead actor Thomas Unger. The Dennis Kelly play explores violence in a low socioeconomic environment, and how humans relate in harsh urban settings. “When I was first given the script I couldn’t put it down; I just picked it up and read it from cover […]


Set in present day Anniston, Alabama, Oleg Pupovac’s We’re Bastards is a stripped-bare, dark and Southern gothic tale of a family trying to play the near-impossible hand life has dealt them. The dialogue-driven performance combined with the intimate atmosphere of the Old 505 Theatre makes for a deeply personal theatrical experience, where the audience are […]

Time to subscribe for The Old 505

The Old 505 Theatre, one of Sydney’s most unique and innovative performance spaces, is set to become a more established venue on the theatre goer’s radar with the introduction of their first subscription season. The subscription season was launched this week and will begin in January, with each season running for a period of six […]


The Twelfth Dawn is a compelling and contemporary fable inspired by the characters and images of the final book of Homer’s Iliad devised by Kerri Glasscock, Gareth Boylan and Michael Pigott. It follows an unexpected and life-altering series of events as an ordinary committed couple struggle with the devastating experience of the loss of a child. […]


James Dalton Director of A Butcher of Distinction, sees tragedy as inherent to life, he says we don’t often know our families and “often it takes these tragedies to know them.” Recently orphaned twin brothers leave their rural life and enter the bleak metropolitan city of London. They seek refuge and answers in the basement […]