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“Dob in a Dealer” Fizzles

BY JOHN MOYLE Last week, the final leg of the Crime Stoppers’ travelling roadshow “Dob in a Drug Dealer” wheeled into Kings Cross. In attendance at Fitzroy Gardens were two senior Crime Stoppers executives, senior police and around 10 junior police dragooned from the KX Police Station, all watching over a table groaning with free […]

Skateboard farce in the park

By Andrew Woodhouse The farce known as Woollahra Council's Skateboard Park project in Rushcuttters Bay Park has taken longer than Wagner’s Ring Cycle to reach a conclusion. After eight years, council has delivered only divisiveness. The Paddington school boys who mooted the original skateboard idea now have no use for it because they have left […]

Transgender victims of violence remembered

BY RYAN QUINN The transgender community came together last week to mark Transgender Remembrance Day, acknowledging those who had suffered ‘transphobia’ in society. Over 60 transgender and LGBTIQ supporters gathered at the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre on November 20 to mark the day. Transgender Remembrance Day is an annual international event to mourn those who have […]

Guns in courts won’t make anyone safer: Shoebridge

By Emily Contador-Kelsall   Greens MP David Shoebridge has urged for the “centuries of tradition of removing weapons from courts” to remain in place as the Police Association of NSW (PANSW) intensify calls for police witnesses to be armed in courts. The PANSW slammed the Chief Magistrate and Sheriff’s Office last week for continuing to […]

Police accused of assaulting transgender woman

The NSW Police Force has launched an internal investigation into allegations by a transgender woman that she was assaulted by officers from Redfern Local Area Command (LAC). Indi Edwards, who identifies as female and will soon have gender realignment surgery, said the incident occurred at her Alexandria home when she phoned crisis support centre, Lifeline. […]