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NIDA Festival Of Emerging Artists

Running from December 11 to 14 the NIDA Festival Of Emerging Artists will feature seven unique productions from students in their final year. Students from NIDA’s Master of Fine Arts (Directing) and Bachelor of Fine Arts (Design for Performance), as well as students from all disciplines at NIDA, will each present their work across three […]

Starstruck – The Stage Musical

This stage comedy musical based on the Australian film which thrilled and invigorated audiences back in 1982 is presented by NIDA and should mesmerise a whole new generation of theatregoers. “It’s a classic coming of age story about Jackie Mullens and her cousin Angus and their journey on the road to stardom,” explained actress Jazz […]

Art Attack – Introduction To The World

By #ArtAttack STAGE Now that our State Government has unlocked the city, they’ve inadvertently unshackled Sydney’s most notorious art sleuth, #ArtAttack.  I am the nosiest, most inquisitive social influencer in town, and I’m here to defibrillate all of the latest news out of the arts and entertainment scene of our fine city for my followers. […]

Weekend Drama Course: Improvisation Intensive

Calling all those interested in tapping into their unique subconsciousness and discovering their confidence within the realm of acting, drama and the arts. Inner West performer, teacher and writer, Mary Haire hails from NIDA, having been involved with the pioneering of improvisation within Australia during the 1970s. She has over forty years of teaching experience […]

NIDA Productions a Breeding Ground for Creative Futures

BY ALANNAH MAHER Featuring five full-scale productions led by cutting-edge directors and playwrights, NIDA launched its 2015 end-of-year production season earlier this month. Running through to the end of the month, it promises much more than your average run of the mill amateur student shows. Fresh from touring internationally with his latest production, award-winning director […]

The Witches

On the first day of rehearsals actor Guy Edmonds asks director Lucas Jervies, “Why are we doing this?” Edmonds recalls, “He said 'I want to make adults feel like children' – that was the mantra going in and it was a really great anchor working at that level." This one-man show, an adaptation of Roald […]

A TRU token of diversity

There is a perennial complaint throughout the Australian entertainment industry. It is regarding a perceived lack of diversity on the Australian stage and screen. Vel Subra, a National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) graduate, aims to challenge in his own words a “tokenism-addled theatre industry” by directing and starring in a performance of the one-man […]


Alex Buzo’s 1969 play, Rooted, is given a revival by Phillip Rouse’s theatre company Don’t Look Away. Rouse’s admirable objective is to bring attention to “many wonderful Australian plays,” he says. Rouse asserts that “we see the same plays over and over again”. Don’t Look Away intends to change that and Rooted will be the […]


On a quest to buy the perfect time piece, a man walks into an exclusive London shop and discovers the mechanisms behind human love and frailty. David Nobay’s first work to reach the stage is a two-hander inspired by Quentin Tarantino, Samuel Beckett and Steven Berkoff. Called Moving Parts, it is a darkly comic thriller, […]


Jeremie Bracka is a human rights lawyer by day, actor by night and now he brings his highly praised show Arafat In Therapy to NIDA for four shows. “[Arafat In Therapy] is a one-man political comedy, a play that developed out of my professional experiences working as a human rights lawyer both in New York […]