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Australia’s small and regional newspapers come up short

By Lawrence Gibbons Australia has long had one of the most concentrated levels of media ownership in the world. Following recent changes to cross-media ownership laws, further consolidation has resulted in two corporations, Nine and News, now maintaining an outright duopoly over the majority of commercial news coverage in Australia. When the law was changed […]


Donald Trump’s reaction to the Florida school shooting, suggesting teachers now be armed in the classroom, must have sent raptures through the upper echelons of the National Rifle Association. Talk about the knee jerk wisdom of a ‘stable genius’. What it did demonstrate was Trump’s almost unflagging alignment with America’s most powerful lobby group, one […]

Revealed documents lead to further calls for transparency at Barangaroo

By Joe Bourke   Previously secret documents revealing provisions associated with the approval of James Packer’s license to operate the $1.2 billion casino resort at Barangaroo from 2019 have been made public, leading to fears of organised crime, corruption and money laundering in Sydney. The provisions deal specifically with Mr Packer’s business partner Lawrence Ho’s […]

Election outcome leaves Palmer in charge

Clive Palmer is the new kingmaker in Australian politics. Sounds odd, but it is highly possible Palmer will be responsible for the outcome of the Abbott Government. Palmer United Party look to have won two Sentate seats – Glenn Lazarus in Queensland and Jacqui Lambie in Tasmania – providing Palmer with ammunition to extert control […]