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King Krule – Man Alive!

Man Alive! - the latest album from the English singer and songwriter King Krule - has recently been made public. The album features undertones of darkwave instrumentals layered with trip hop and punk jazz components. This new collection of songs is extremely on brand fro King Krule, remaining true to his signature style of minor chords and […]

HMLTD – West Of Eden

​A group of rockers from the UK, HMLTD, is set to release their debut album, West Of Eden. ​HMLTD doesn’t hold back musically or lyrically, boldy singing about political issues and social topics such as gender. The band tackles toxic masculinity and seeks to celebrate the feminine found within the masculine. Mikey’s Song especially shines as a […]

Kate Ceberano, Steve Kilbey & Sean Sennett – The Dangerous Age

Musical artists Kate Ceberano, Steve Kilbey and Sean Sennett have teamed up to produce a new album titled The Dangerous Age. As the name might imply, the album has an overall melancholy and foreboding sound. Despite these heavy undertones, the collection of works is remarkably upbeat, seamlessly combining Kate, Steve and Sean’s talents and the […]

Mat Ward – Filter Bubble

Mat Ward has just released Filter Bubble, a future drum and bass album. The artist mashes jungle with future bass to create an entirely unique genre that’s all his own.  The album is politically provocative by being critical of the corporate media, leaving listeners with disturbing truths to grapple with. Filter Bubble’s electric instrumentals lends the […]

Poppy – I Disagree

Much like the artist herself Poppy’s latest record I Disagree is an incredibly hard one to nail down and describe. Throughout the 10 track offering there’s a smattering of different genres. For example, there are beautiful melodies and ballads sitting right alongside up-tempo electro tracks, and then out of nowhere she’ll drop an aggressive rock number […]

Leif Vollebekk – New Ways

Leif Vollebekk is welcoming November with the release of his latest album New Ways, an emotionally raw record that he said contained everything he wouldn’t ever want to tell anyone.  Vollebekk ventures into new territory in New Ways, exploring riskier themes of change and desire as opposed to his last album Twin Solitude, which focused […]

Darren Hanlon – Where did you come from?

Pressing play on Darren Hanlon's newest album, listeners will be greeted by simple, descriptive words in his unaffected voice along with the constant presence of a musical metronome. Poetic and clear, the lyrics build images for the listener, like a glimpse of an old photo album with nostalgia and long gone memories written all over […]