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Going Down

“It’s not biographical but it certainly takes elements from Michele Lee’s life. She wrote a memoir named Banana Girl and this play came kind of as a response to the feedback she received from that book. I hope that people identify with it, I hope it speaks to an audience that feels they don’t normally get spoken […]


Michele Lee’s fast-paced two-hander Rice is carried off with great energy by the charismatic Kristy Best, who plays the workaholic Executive Officer Nisha, and Hsiao-Ling Tang, who plays her long-suffering cleaner Yvette, who runs her own business and has a troublesome daughter Sheree, also played by Best. An employee of Golden Fields, Nisha is trying to […]

Power Plays

If the short story is having a ‘moment’, then maybe the short play is having its moment as well. Hence STC’s commissioning of a quintet of Australia’s finest playwrights to create a collection of five short works about power. Power Plays is about identity, survival, love, hate, sex – who wields the power and how […]