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The State of Murdoch

By MAX TILLMAN Failing audiences and an out-of-date business model have both been cited as possible causes for News Corp's significant drop in readership in 2019, with Rupert Murdoch’s publishing empire facing a mortal challenge as a changing audience-base continues to bite the bottom line. According to research house Roy Morgan, 2019 was not a […]

Wuhan Virus Dampens Chinese New Year Festivities

By MAX TILLMAN The Wuhan coronavirus has left its indelible mark on Sydney, with Chinese New Year celebrations and language classes grinding to a halt across the city as fears of infection take hold. In a statement issued on 28 January, The Australian Chinese Community Association (ACCA) of New South Wales cited the need to […]

Dendy’s leaving Opera Quays

By MAX TILLMAN Dendy Cinemas is giving up its Opera Quays location after twenty years, as the company’s lease on the property won’t be renewed from March 2019. Their last screening will be on Weds 26 Feb. With panoramic views of Sydney Harbour, the site will reopen under new management by larger independent, United Cinemas […]