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Bike lane blind spot

By VANESSA LIM Safety concerns were raised for Randwick Council’s planned South Coogee to Kensington cycle path, which includes a blind spot that places cyclists at risk of collision with motorists. While Randwick Council’s cycle path plan – revised to save 27 trees and plant 60 new ones – is environmentally friendly, concerns remain for […]

Queens Park’s shared pathway

BY VANESSA LIM A pathway link between Randwick and Waverley will soon provide a safe pathway for people who cycle or walk in the Centennial Parklands. Centennial Parklands addressed the need for the original pathway back in the 2016 Queens Park Master Plan, but the potentially high costs were not being covered at the time. […]

Bike lanes the way of the future

Plans to further integrate and expand bike lanes in Waverley have been forwarded for community consultation. Waverley Councillor Leon Goltsman said the new initiative will investigate several options including shared paths, separated cycleways, dedicated bike lines and on-road mixed traffic lanes. "We want to make sure bike networks and facilities are safe and connected," he […]