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Mardi Gras Comedy Festival 2017

There’s a mix for everyone, gay and straight, at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Comedy Festival, where the objective was to make a festival that reflected creating equality, which is the Mardi Gras theme this year. ”I would be hard pressed to pick a festival highlight. There was a Comedy Festival built into […]

Creating Equality: Mardi Gras Festival 2017

BY RITA BRATOVICH Summer in Sydney may be drawing to a close, but not without one last celebration of life and love (and one last communal baring of skin). Mardi Gras is the queer community’s festive season. In a cultural program spanning just over two weeks, members of the LGBTIQ community participate in theatre, visual […]

Queer Screen’s 24th Mardi Gras Film Festival

BY RITA BRATOVICH Queer Screen’s 24th Mardi Gras Film Festival promises to be one of the biggest and best ever, with films traversing genres, cultures, languages, genders and style. Recognised as one of the most prominent film festivals in the world – queer or otherwise – it attracts filmmakers of every calibre and filmgoers of […]

‘Parents’ of Mardi Gras to get apology

BY CHRISTOPHER HARRIS On Thursday morning, there will be some validation for a lifetime of fighting for the rights of LGBTQI community when an apology is made to the group who protested at Taylor Square and began the Sydney tradition of Mardi Gras. It is estimated between 500 and one thousand people turned out to […]

Complaints against police rise “significantly” at Mardi Gras

By James Elton-Pym Gay legal groups received “significantly more” complaints about police conduct at this year’s Mardi Gras parade than at the 2014 event, the head of the Inner City Legal Centre has reported. Despite police saying crowds were mostly well behaved, the centre will be engaging criminal lawyers to provide advice to aggrieved parade […]

Another round for city Safe Space

By James Elton-Pym A new late-night program aimed at curbing alcohol-fuelled violence in downtown Sydney has been extended for a further three months following a successful pilot. The Safe Space program lets revellers take a break from the bars and clubs at a special marquee next to Town Hall, while teams of Salvation Army volunteers […]

Alleged Mardi Gras altercation

On a night otherwise unmarred by the violent incidents which struck last year’s Mardi Gras, one participant has reported an altercation with a man in the Liberal Party float. Paul Kidd, 49, was marching with “Operation Border Insecurity”, a political float raising concerns about the federal government’s policies, particularly in regard to asylum seekers. He […]

Merkin smirkin’ or fashion forward?

It’s timely that an art exhibition looking openly and acceptingly at the often abstruse and amusing concept of the pubic hair wig opens in Sydney this month. He Made She Made Gallery tackles the hairy subject of the merkin in their exhibition Pubic Art. Co-contributor and co-curator Laura Lay says Mardi Gras festival program manger […]

‘I need to fix some things’: police chief

Last year’s Mardi Gras was marred by accusations of police brutality toward Jamie Jackson Reed and Bryn Hutchinson, along with complaints about sniffer dogs at the after party. Surry Hills LAC Police Superintendent Tony Crandell was the Forward Commander of the 2013 parade route and was also in charge of the sniffer dog operation. “[My […]

News in brief

Hickey march scuffle Two protestors were apprehended by police and a minor brawl disrupted traffic in Sydney’s CBD last Friday during the annual rally to protest the death of Aboriginal teenager TJ Hickey ten years ago. Redfern Police Commander, Detective Superintendent Luke Freudenstein, told reporters that no-one was arrested but several people carrying signs may […]