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On a crash course: Inner West bus accidents skyrocket as light rail scrapped

BY GEORGIA CLARK Commuters in Sydney’s Inner West are drawing the short straw, as the rate of bus crashes in the area skyrocket, while solutions to choked roads and poor public transport infrastructure are scrapped by the state government. Recent data from State Transit reveals that collisions with buses are occurring at a rate of […]

Light rail construction derails small businesses

  BY CHARLI SHIELD The NSW Government and City of Sydney are facing backlash over problems caused by the construction of their $2.1 billion light rail project that local retail owners say is destroying the viability of their businesses. Construction has been delayed for the second time since the project started 18 months ago, after […]

Calls to down tools for artefacts fall on deaf ears

BY GEORGIA FULLERTON There are growing calls for action to stop construction on Sydney’s South-East light rail line, following the discovery of 22,000 Indigenous artefacts. The collection, including tools and stone off-cuts, was found at a tram stabling yard in Randwick, and could shed light on how Aboriginal tribes travelled, traded and interacted. Following the […]

City on edge over light rail construction

BY PETA GILBERT The NSW Transport Department has said they are committed to reducing environmental impacts and noise concerns during CBD light rail construction, but residents and businesses have claimed that not enough is being done. At the Sydney Light Rail Community Forum on Tuesday November 17, Transport For NSW faced the complaints of CBD […]

Spending on smaller scale feared as light rail disruption draws near

BY LEXY AKILLAS CBD businesses fear that the state government has not put enough planning into alleviating anticipated pressures and congestion of the light rail construction. City of Sydney Councillor and owner of VIVO Café Angela Vithoulkas said she was concerned about the level of disruption that would impact both on locals and community, and […]

New pedestrian bridge for Moore Park

BY CHRISTOPHER HARRIS Plans to build another pedestrian bridge just a few hundred metres from the controversial Tibby Cotter Bridge near Moore Park have been slammed by transport lobbyists Ecotransit. The bridge is part of the construction of the South East Light Rail which will run along Moore Park. Ecotransit spokesperson Gavin Gatenby said there […]

Green Square’s future on the rails

By JOE BOURKE The state government’s mention of potential light rail from the city to Green Square has been met with caution. Minister for Transport Andrew Constance told an audience last week he would be “very keen” to see light rail going to Green Square to address congestion. Greens Transport spokesperson Mehreen Faruqi said the […]

Randwick’s light rail concerns

By Lydia Watson-Moore   Eastern Suburbs residents have continued to express concern about the proposed CBD and South East Light Rail following the recently released construction schedule. Residents, business owners and local councillors have said the light rail is bringing more harm than good, voicing concerns over parking, environmental destruction and congestion. Randwick resident Andrew […]

Federal budget: Abbott’s “infrastructure fail”

By Emily Contador-Kelsall   Public transport was largely left out of the recently announced federal budget, casting doubt over Sydney’s future transport solutions. Current transport projects in Sydney including WestConnex and the CBD and South East Light Rail have been criticised for being inappropriate transport solutions for the city. The City of Sydney commissioned and […]

Alternative roots needed to save High Cross Park trees

By Georgia Fullerton   Works for the CBD and South East Light Rail (CSELR) are moving forward in Randwick despite sustained community and local government opposition to the proposed route to Randwick through High Cross Park. Earlier this year, Randwick Council proposed an alternative light rail route that could potentially save up to $25 million […]