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ACON acts to end abuse

BY MICHAEL HITCH Australia’s largest LGBTIQ Health Organisation, ACON, has teamed up with the Department of Social Services (DSS) to deal with domestic family violence (DFV) in the LGBTIQ community. The DSS has provided $340,000 in funding to bolster to nationalise Say It Out Loud (sayitoutloud.org.au), a website produced by ACON in 2016 that provides […]

Tenancy reforms help women leave violence

By Lanie Tindale  Proposed NSW tenancy law reforms allowing domestic violence victims to end their tenancies immediately, has widespread support among politicians and domestic violence specialists.   These changes mean that domestic violence victims will be able to terminate their tenancy without penalty and will prevent them from being blacklisted by landlords because of property damage caused by an abusive partner. Senior solicitor Kellie McDonald […]