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Last Dinosaurs

Upon reflection on their second album, Wellness, Brisbane’s Last Dinosaur realised that they felt very little ownership over what they had produced. This feeling came from the fact that Wellness was produced with heavy involvement from their record label. In order to counteract this problem with their newest record, Yumeno Garden, the band wanted to […]

Last Dinosaurs – Yumeno Garden

In their newest album, Last Dinosaurs transports listeners to an otherworldly place - Arita, Japan - the isolated village where the band retreated to garner musical inspiration.  The ancient, rural town provided the band a space to explore their thoughts and craft emotionally raw songs, resulting in its third album, Yumeno Garden.       […]

Last Dinosaurs

The long awaited sophomore release of Wellness by Last Dinosaurs has finally arrived, and so far has been satiating the ravenous appetite of their fans who had high expectations following the critically acclaimed debut album In A Million Years. After so much success with their debut album, Last Dinosaurs could have been forgiven for settling in […]

Last Dinosaurs – Wellness

The last dinosaurs latest album, Wellness, sounds very healthy indeed, at least in a musical sense. Rich in texture and well rounded, this album is almost bursting with flavoursome sound. This album is a delicious cake you eat with your ears. Chocolatey bits of music, strung through with caramel, a solid yet spongey cake and the […]