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A Little Piece Of Ash

JackRabbit Theatre is set to present the world premiere of Megan Wilding’s debut play A Little Piece Of Ash at Kings Cross Theatre (KXT). The play focuses on Jedda, a young Aboriginal woman dealing with the grief and loss of losing her mother. Based on her own experiences, Megan will bring her heart-wrenchingly sad yet beautifully […]

Tonsils and Tweezers

Set on the afternoon of a 10 year high-school reunion, two friends must face the unnerving reality that one of them is on the verge of the unspeakable. Both fast paced and darkly humorous, this play transports the viewer to a strangely familiar place where friendship must be questioned around a room corrupted by an array […]

Osama the Hero

Within the microcosm of an English housing estate there is a spate of firebombing and garage burning that no one can explain. Gary (Joshua McElroy) is an outsider. He’s asked at school to write a project on a national hero and he writes about Osama Bin Laden. His neighbours find out he’s written this project and […]

The Angelica Complex

Three elements were the starting points for director Priscilla Jackman’s The Angelica Complex – sand, a cello, and an opera singer. From there the theme of postnatal depression was written through prose by co-creator Sunny Grace. Grace couldn’t connect with an opera singer, so Jackman sent her an aria, which inspired them. “I found a really […]


Zelda tells stories to make herself feel good. She claims to be the heir to the lost city of Atlantis. She knows her stories aren’t true. Tom and Sarah also tell stories, but the line separating truth and fiction is smudged. Paul Gilchrist’s new play, Atlantis, explores how people use storytelling to get through the […]