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Lord Of The Flies

William Golding’s 1954 novel about a group of children evacuated via plane from London during war, then stranded on an island when the plane crashes, is standard reading for many schools and considered an important contribution to English literature. It was adapted for the stage by Nigel Williams in 1996. Kip Williams is directing a […]

A Cheery Soul

Patrick White’s highly stylised yet keenly observant play depicting a less than glorious aspect of suburban Australian society received an underwhelming reception when it debuted in 1963. It could be that A Cheery Soul cut too close to the bone, was too morbid, or too cynical in its humour for the self-conscious, conservative population at […]

REVIEW: The Harp In The South

The stage of Roslyn Packer Theatre is transformed into the working-class world of Ruth Park’s iconic The Harp In The South trilogy. Adapted by Kate Mulvany as a two-part play and directed by Kip Williams, the world premiere of The Harp In The South is truly an epic for all involved with a run time of over six hours […]

The Rape Of Lucretia

Entrepreneurial Carraigeworks Director, Lisa Havilah continues to strengthen avant-garde collaboration in the arts by bringing chamber opera to the usually hipster-only venue this spring. “In 2017, we have collaborated with Australian and International artists who consistently question and experiment with form – whether music, fashion, food or art," Havilah said. The aim is to "create […]

The Golden Age

The Sydney Theatre Company launches the 2016 season with a production that still resonates with theatregoers since its inception in 1985: The Golden Age by Louis Nowra. It’s a play that strikingly explores Australia’s dark commencement as a nation by asking the questions at the very core of our history. “This narrative of belonging is […]


The classic tale of ambition, betrayal and brutality, Shakespeare’s Macbeth has been imagined onstage many times before. However, director Kip Williams of Sydney Theatre Company’s new adaptation has a keen determination to set it apart from the rest. In a complete reversal of all theatre norms, the audience will sit on the stage itself while […]