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A Little Piece Of Ash

JackRabbit Theatre is set to present the world premiere of Megan Wilding’s debut play A Little Piece Of Ash at Kings Cross Theatre (KXT). The play focuses on Jedda, a young Aboriginal woman dealing with the grief and loss of losing her mother. Based on her own experiences, Megan will bring her heart-wrenchingly sad yet beautifully […]


Anna Jordan, author of the critically acclaimed play Yen, has seen her work travel all over the globe. So far, her plays have been performed in the United States, Germany, and Sweden in addition to in her home country, England. When Yen officially opens at King’s Cross Theatre, Jordan can add Australia to her ever-growing […]

Creating Together

By Rita Bratovic. Being an independent artist can be rewarding and frustrating in equal measure; from the creative burden of staying fresh and interesting, or the practical dilemma of finding money for the next project, to the exhilaration of breaking new ground and thrilling new audiences. Collaboration is a way for artists to access more […]

The Walworth Farce

Enda Walsh’s hilarious and moving The Walworth Farce has arrived in the Kings Cross Theatre. One of the founders and co-artistic director of Workhorse Theatre Company, Troy Harrison, stars in the production. “This is a play I have wanted to stage for almost four years now, but it never seemed the right time to do it because […]

Youth And Destination

The adventurous new production that explores life in the 21st century, Youth and Destination, will premiere at Kings Cross Theatre tomorrow. The original play, written and directed by James Raggatt, was developed over three years in partnership with Kings Cross Theatre. It follows the contradictions and complexities of being human in the modern world. It […]

Tonsils and Tweezers

Set on the afternoon of a 10 year high-school reunion, two friends must face the unnerving reality that one of them is on the verge of the unspeakable. Both fast paced and darkly humorous, this play transports the viewer to a strangely familiar place where friendship must be questioned around a room corrupted by an array […]

Dry Land

Dry Land spotlights women in the lead with a story about friendship and the struggles of adolescence. Written by Ruby Rae Spiegel when she was 21, this American play hits the stage at the Kings Cross Theatre for its Australian Premiere, presented by Outhouse Theatre Company and Mad March Hare. Set in the high school […]

Between The Streetlight And The Moon

Between The Streetlight And The Moon, by celebrated playwright Melita Rowston, digs deep and is full of layers of meaning as it explores what it is to be human and our relationships with each other. It’s a beautiful play about art, love and our need for recognition and creativity. It’s a sad fact that in […]


Stories Like These in association with bAKEHOUSE Theatre Company present Blink by Phil Porter. A beautiful, dysfunctional, bittersweet, not-quite-love story with the ability to be joyous, and hurt, at the same time. It starts with voyeurism and consensual stalking. Jonah (James Raggatt) works as a night watchman, so has a habit of watching, and Sophie […]

Osama the Hero

Within the microcosm of an English housing estate there is a spate of firebombing and garage burning that no one can explain. Gary (Joshua McElroy) is an outsider. He’s asked at school to write a project on a national hero and he writes about Osama Bin Laden. His neighbours find out he’s written this project and […]