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Assange’s legal access limited

By TARA WESSON WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange appeared in Westminster Magistrates Court, London, on Mon 13 Jan where the Court heard that the the Australian journalist's defence team has had a lack of access to their client. This impacts on Assange’s right to a fair trial, ahead of his extradition hearing to USA in Feb […]

Assange – Sweden drops rape allegations

BY ALEC SMART Swedish authorities announced on Nov 20 they will discontinue their investigations into a rape allegation levelled at WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, which dates back to 2010, the third time they’ve been dropped. Sweden’s Deputy Chief Prosecutor Eva-Marie Persson declared: “After conducting a comprehensive assessment of what has emerged during the course of […]

Hopes fade for Assange

By Alec Smart Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who returned to Court in London on Monday this week, is losing ground in his struggle to avoid extradition to the United States from Britain, where he is currently in detention. If Assange is extradited to the USA after his February 2020 British court hearing, he faces multiple […]

Why we must support Assange

By WENDY BACON Journalism is not a crime, which is why we must support Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in his battle against extradition to the United States, where he would be tried for offences under the Espionage Act. Today is Assange’s birthday. His last seven birthdays were spent in Ecuador’s London embassy where he had […]

An Evening With Geoffrey Robertson

An Evening With Geoffrey Robertson will give audiences the unique chance to glimpse inside the mind of one of the world’s leading and celebrated human rights lawyers. For one night at the City Recital Hall on March 26, Mr Robertson will reflect on his numerous high-profile and sometimes controversial cases, throughout his fifty year career […]

War on whistleblowers

Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden are whistleblowers, not criminals. That is the message conveyed loud and clear ahead of The War on Whistleblowers and their Publishers: Manning, Snowden and Assange seminar at the Sydney Opera House this Monday, September 16. Manning’s leak of thousands of US military and diplomatic cables in 2010 and Snowden’s exposure […]

Assange: We are insurers of the people

It’s 7pm on a Friday and I’m waiting for my call to be connected to the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange has been a political prisoner for over a year. Assange is lead candidate for Victoria in the Senate in this weekend’s Federal Election and, if elected, plans to act as […]

WikiLeaks calls for electoral reform

Calls have broadened for reform of the preferential voting system, which has been accused of abuse through the creation of micro parties diverting votes to parties holding minimal public support. John Shipton, Julian Assange’s father and the WikiLeaks Party’s Chief Executive Officer, warned that the voting system was being misused. "The system is being exploited […]

Tranter aims for Senate position

When entering the polling booth for the upcoming Federal Election, voters will be confronted with a ballot paper so big the Australian Electoral Commission will supply sheet magnifiers to navigate the 1.02-metre ballot paper. One of the 44 candidates standing for the NSW Senate will be Kellie Tranter, a commercial/litigation lawyer and political activist representing […]


Director Alex Gibney’s documentary on the controversial website WikiLeaks is a thoughtful study on the dangerous nature of secrets, and how idealism can lead to corruption. Attempting to bypass the politics, Gibney focuses more on the personal stories, covering the meteoric rise to stardom of the enigmatic WikiLeaks figurehead Julian Assange. However, whistleblower Bradley Manning […]