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Forever Young

By Rita Bratovich The 1960s were one of the most impactful decades in modern history: pivotal, subversive, expressive, transcendent. It was a time when artists superseded politicians as the influencers of collective ideas - and no artist effected this more than Bob Dylan. His lyrics and music were the voice and soundtrack of revolution, free […]

Lennon Through A Glass Onion

Initially slated for a three week engagement at Sydney’s Tilbury Hotel 25 years ago, this tribute show which was devised by and stars John Waters and Stewart D’Arrietta, continues to pull in large crowds whenever it returns to Sydney. The critically praised two-man show has toured to New York, London and Tokyo and includes 31 […]

REVIEW: Cry-Baby

Hayes Theatre Co, the Potts Point’s gem that specialises in quirky musicals, has hit the mark again, with the Australian premiere of Cry-Baby. An energetic, exciting, exhilarating production that packs a mighty punch on the small intimate stage, Cry-Baby’s big cast of 14 talented actors compensate with insane running up and down the aisles, and […]


Australian produced comedies have always had difficulty making audiences laugh, but what starts off as a somewhat cheesy comedy with few laughs slowly builds into an engaging and feel-good film. Written and directed by Ben Elton, the story is set at a Western Australian summer music festival affectionately known as 'The Westival' over three consecutive […]


Jonathan Biggins’ latest play for the Sydney Theatre Company looks at how the ubiquity of digital media has caused a blurring of lines between entertainment and editorial, news and gossip. Talk references some well-known (read notorious) identities and stories to create a fictitious but easily recognisable drama/farce that provides plenty of laughs while delivering sobering […]


Taking a gander into the world of an immortalised icon generally takes the form of tribute acts, art galleries or documentaries. Scandals and typical interviews with the daughter of the personal assistant and other tenuously linked personnel water down the achievements and ignore the positives of the life in question. However, the fantastical talent that […]