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Westconnex clearways could turn King Street into Parramatta road: Plibersek

By ALEXANDER LEWIS Federal deputy Labor leader Tanya Plibersek has joined an accelerating campaign to put the brakes on WestConnex. Ms Plibersek said the toll road should not proceed as it would kill retail in Newtown and surrounding areas. “The extension of clearways would turn King Street into Parramatta Road,” she said in a statement […]

Seven story “eyesore” to cast shadow over Newtown

By LYDIA WATSON-MOORE Residents have been left dumbfounded following the announcement that a controversial Newtown development may expand even further. The Alice Street site is currently being constructed by the elusive Al Maha company as a five storey residential block, which will house more than 200 units. The developer has now appealed to the NSW […]

Never doubted, Irene honoured by party faithful

By CHRISTOPHER HARRIS Although she’s a politician, City of Sydney Councillor Irene Doutney doesn’t behave like one. Modest, unassuming, “with a common touch” and a discerning eye for art, Irene Doutney was lauded for her contribution to the Australian Greens and the Sydney community last Friday evening, July 10, at Redfern Town Hall. Doutney’s motivation […]

Residents rally against Alexandria demolition

By EMIKO REED Residents have rallied with local politicians to seek an interim heritage order for the Alexandria Hotel, as it faces proposed demolition. The heritage proposal, discussed at the Alexandria Residents’ Action Group public meeting on Wednesday 8, aims to have the pub’s historical industrial significance recognised by the City of Sydney and the […]

Cowboys are pushing for Westconnex, says researcher

By WENDY BACON Standing in Goddard Park at Concord on the edge of Sydney’s inner west on Saturday, it was hard to imagine how a green swirl of intersecting threads on a sketchy motorway map of nearby streets could be the exit from six lanes of toll way tunnels within a few years. But for […]

Newtown at ‘The Cross’ roads of identity

By Alexander Lewis   Newtown used to be a hipster haven, a diverse sanctuary for the weird. But according to many in the community, thugs who once frequented ‘The Cross’ have moved in and marred the town’s very fabric. Fingers were pointed at lockout laws on Monday night as residents, revellers and businesspeople assembled at […]

WestConnex dinosaur would cleave St Peters

By Alexander Lewis   It’s been more than 100 years since dinosaur remains were discovered in St Peters, but the Baird government plans to bring one back, according to residents. The WestConnex motorway will wipe out more than 40 houses in the historical suburb and a portion of Sydney Park if construction plans go ahead. […]

ATP “should remain in public hands”

By Lauren O'Connor   Five corporations have been invited to tender for the Australian Technology Park (ATP) at Eveleigh UrbanGrowth NSW announced on Tuesday May 26, despite sustained opposition to the site's privatisation. A spokeswoman for Urban Growth NSW said in a statement this week that the tender campaign will open in June and will run […]

Federal budget: Abbott’s “infrastructure fail”

By Emily Contador-Kelsall   Public transport was largely left out of the recently announced federal budget, casting doubt over Sydney’s future transport solutions. Current transport projects in Sydney including WestConnex and the CBD and South East Light Rail have been criticised for being inappropriate transport solutions for the city. The City of Sydney commissioned and […]

Government property sale brings forward planning problems

By Joe Bourke and Emily Contador-Kelsall   The state government’s planning policy and transparency have come into question following the announcement that a property acquired for the failed metro line will be sold. 108 Miller Street Pyrmont, previously owned by photo and imaging company C.R. Kennedy, was bought by the former Labor government for the […]