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Wheely late: bike sheds backtracked for Redfern

BY GEORGIA CLARK Almost three years after they were initially promised by the state government, the cyclists of Sydney’s inner west are still awaiting the installation of secure bike sheds at Redfern station. The sheds were slated for installation almost two years ago, but were backtracked by Transport NSW despite being rolled out at other […]

Locals demand say in Waterloo Renovation Plans

BY SORAYA PEREZ MOHAMMED Neighbors, architects, urban planners, and engineers gathered in Waterloo last week to plan the future of their village. The Waterloo Public Housing Action Group (WPHAG) hosted an open day to encourage ideas and discussion around the imminet redevelopment plans for the area. The NSW government announced plans last year to demolish […]

Locals wage war on bus privatisation  

BY ALEX EUGENE Local politicians and community members have ramped up their fight against the privatisation of Sydney buses this week, with a string of meetings and rallies held to resist the state government's latest public asset sell-off. The Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, Andrew Constance announced in May that the region 6 bus network […]

Lockout laws loosened on select Sydney venues

BY CHARLI SHIELD Sydneysiders tired of having their nightlife curtailed by the 2014 lockout laws have marked a small victory thanks to the half hour extension granted to select venues in the city’s centre. Sydney’s Burdekin Hotel is the most recent venue to confirm an exemption from the controversial lockouts since the Baird Government’s relaxation […]

AGNSW expansion will shrink public space

BY DYLAN CRISMALE The Art Gallery of NSW (AGNSW) has secured $244 million to help fund an expansion that will allow the gallery to display more of its $1.3 billion collection. The expansion which will double the size of the gallery was announced last week by the NSW Government ahead of this week’s state budget. […]

Calls for more police oversight following Jenny Leong trolling scandal

BY CHRISTOPHER HARRIS Complaints of alleged ‘online abuse’ by NSW Police towards Greens MP Jenny Leong have been made to the Police Integrity Commission. There may also be an internal police investigation. It follows revelations that NSW Police Officers left racist and sexist comments directed at the member for Newtown on social media. Following the […]

Perseverance pays off for protestors as lockouts score review

  BY LUCAS BAIRD A Greens MP has welcomed an apparent shift in the Government's plans regarding Sydney’s controversial lockout laws. Member for Newtown and Greens Spokesperson on liquor laws, Jenny Leong, has praised the government's decision to hold roundtable discussions with stakeholders. Ms Leong called the decision a change in tune on the government’s […]

Westconnex breaks records in community opposition and secrecy.

BY WENDY BACON More than 13,000 people made submissions to its New M5 EIS project, the most submissions that the NSW Planning and Environment Department has ever received for an infrastructure project. While Councils and residents opposed to the project struggled to digest and respond to an 8000 page EIS over their summer holidays, the […]

Old trees ripped out over Sydney

BY CHRISTOPHER HARRIS Despite community opposition, the state government lopped down dozens of trees in Randwick to make way for the light rail. This week, trees in Sydney Park in the inner west looks slated for the same fate to make way for the WestConnex project, leading some to wonder if the government hates trees. […]

Redfern first to receive bike sheds in new year

BY CHRISTOPHER HARRIS Sydney cyclists can expect better treatment in 2016, with the introduction of bike storage sheds at selected train stations. The bike sheds, which can be opened with an opal card, is aimed at encouraging more people to commute by bike as part of their journey to work. Redfern station will be one […]