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Pet Sematary

The mood of Pet Sematary is so creepy, gathering flowers would have menace. It’s full of boos and squeaks, as befits a well-made scary movie. Hinges screech, thunder arrives, and the worst of actions are enacted on a forbidden hill in the dead of night.  Welcome to Stephen King country, where little makes sense and […]


Set in war-torn Hamburg at the end of WWII, Lewis Morgan, a colonel of the British Forces Germany (Jason Clarke) reunites with his wife Rachael (Keira Knightley). They forcibly live in the mansion of German widower Stefan Lubert (Alexander Skarsgard) and his troubled daughter, while Lewis is in charge of rebuilding the city. It’s quite […]


Political thrillers may tend to be complicated and arouse restlessness in audiences who don't appreciate the genre, but this film which is based on the incredible true story of the Kennedy cover-up, is intriguing and should stimulate controversy. In 1969, US senator Ted Kennedy accidently drove his car off a one-lane bridge on Chappaquiddick Island, which resulted in the death […]


This film festival returns for its 13th edition and attendees should be delighted by the variety of films screened. Especially dedicated to avid movie-goers over the age of 60, the program consists of 16 films which should ensure there's something for everyone. The opening day event includes a light afternoon tea, a glass of sparkling […]


Supernatural horror film Winchester is an Australian/American co-production directed by the Spierig Brothers, who wrote the screenplay alongside Tom Vaughn. The film stars Aussie Jason Clarke, with Helen Mirren and Sarah Snook. Filmed in Melbourne and inspired by the true events that followed, firearm heiress Sarah Winchester (Mirren) believes her mansion is haunted by souls […]