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Racism not Goodes enough

BY ALEC SMART The allegation that racism was at the heart of the relentless crowd booing that irked Australian Rules’ football player Adam Goodes has reignited, following recent screenings of a documentary film on his career, The Final Quarter. It was further augmented by ABC sports commentator Charlie King, himself of indigenous descent, who singled […]

The truth of Australia’s Indigenous history

By Sarah McLenaghan Resistance groups are urging Australians to ditch the barbecue and beach party this Australia Day and consider what the holiday means for Australia’s First Nations people. The Aboriginal campaign group FIRE – Fighting In Resistance Equally – is holding a rally in Sydney’s Hyde Park on January 26 where protestors will meet […]


News that the wreck of Captain Cook’s HMS Endeavour has been discovered off the coast of America has already seen calls that it be raised, restored and returned to its ‘rightful place’ in a suitable setting in Sydney. Whether this will ever happen remains to be seen in what could easily become an international dispute […]

Sydney’s Forgotten Indigenous History

By Mel Somerville. Indigenous culture is alive and well in Sydney, we’re seeing it thrive and cultural knowledge being shared in places like Centennial Parklands, art galleries and beaches. Centennial Park up until now hasn’t had an Aboriginal focus and most people don’t realise it was used historically as a traditional meeting area for the […]

Evasion day

BY ALEC SMART The annual Australia Day celebration on 26 January each year is again facing challenges to change the date in consideration of our indigenous inhabitants. However, a backlash from unlikely sources has reopened the debate on sovereignty and respect. Imagine an Orwellian society with CCTV cameras in homes, where Australians are afraid to […]


Drop into your local Coles or Woolies and you’ll see the usual load of flag-adorned garb on sale for Australia Day this coming weekend – tank tops, sun hats, t-shirts and of course good old Aussie flags themselves. For those who remember the iconography of old school Australia, it’s all a bit nationalistic. There are […]