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May Murray childcare in limbo

By Lanie Tindale  Marrickville residents are protesting the Inner West council’s recommendation to close down the May Murray Early Learning Centre. Marrickville resident Annabel Prince's two year old son Oliver is enrolled at May Murray. “On Friday night I received an odd email from Council,” said Ms. Prince. The email contained a link leading to the council agenda for the next Council meeting. “Buried within that agenda I discovered […]

Inner West shutdown

By Lanie Tindale There has been outcry at the decision to shut out public comments on items heard at the Inner West Council meetings from debate on those same items on the agenda.  The conservative bloc - made up of Labor, Liberal and independent councillor Victor Macri - voted to change the format of the meetings.   Greens […]

Marrickville Arts Mayhem

BY LANIE TINDALE Developer Danias Holding has threatened to pull out of Marrickville’s proposed creative hub, saying that the Inner West Council is taking too long to approve it. The proposal involves converting an old timber storage yard to a 500-artist hub, including office space, cafe and a park. Danias Holdings told Domain.com that the […]

Disability ramp too ugly for Council

BY LANIE TINDALE The Inner West Council is opposed to installing a disability ramp at Birchgrove Wharf because of its ‘visual impact’ in a ‘high-value residential housing’ area. The Birchgrove Wharf has been refurbished by Transport of NSW, and re-opened on the 24th of April. However, access is limited by a rocky path and steep […]

Bunnings bummer for Balmain

BY STATON WHALEY After the Inner West Council had a development application to build a new Bunnings on Parsons Street in Rozelle withdrawn twice, the developer appealed to the Land and Environment Court of NSW. The original application was withdrawn for reasons that included blocking the street view, late working hours, and traffic congestion. Another […]

Meters days are numbered

BY GABRIELA SZYMANOWSKA It is no secret that parking meters are the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to politics, but that isn’t always true for the community. Both Darling Street in Balmain and Norton Street in Leichhardt have seen business downturn because of parking meters, while Waverley Council is set to make […]

Vegans beef with Council

BY JADE MORELLINI The Sydney Vegan Markets have been punished by Inner West Council for being a success, breaching their DA with over 5,000 people attending the markets. The Sydney Vegan Markets run on the third Sunday of every month and began to meet the growing demand for access to local, ethical and sustainable products. […]

Vivid turn off

BY JOHN MOYLE A war of light sabres between Destination NSW’s Vivid Sydney festival and the Inner West Council has seen the popular festival outdrawn by the westies as they proclaim their own EDGE festival. The spat started a couple of months ago when the Inner West Council inquired to Destination NSW to investigate the […]

Cross fire

BY JOHN MOYLE In recent weeks there has been a lot of discussion across Sydney as to its viability as a Global City supporting a 24 hour day/night economy, but for all the good work and media friendly spin there is still an elephant looming over the debate and these are the lockout laws imposed […]

Childcare workers chuck a tanty

BY GABRIELA SZYMANOWSKA More than 300 childcare centres shut down on Tuesday, 27 March as thousands of workers walked off the job to demand higher pay. The walkout was part of the Union United Voice’s Big Steps campaign, which is a response to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s failure to act on the equal pay crisis […]