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I Know Leopard – Love Is A Landmine

The debut record from I Know Leopard is a beautifully sweet and emotional 70s soft-rock record. Throughout the 11 track offering the group explore themes of happiness, loss, romance and essentially any emotion which is intrinsically tied to love. This kaleidoscopic thematic approach creates a record which is incredibly nuanced and deep.  Allowing listeners to […]

I Know Leopard

Sydney’s own I Know Leopard have ventured even deeper down their own unique path with the impending debut record. Ahead of the records release and their special sneak peak live performance next week City Hub sat down with frontman Luke O’Louglin to discuss the influences and recording process behind the record. Since coming together the […]

I Know Leopard

This weekend one of the hottest acts of this year's Australian music scene arrive in our fine city, closing out their epic national tour (which has had over 15 stops) with a bang. We recently had a chance to sit down with I Know Leopard frontman Luke O’Laughlin to reflect on the wild ride to […]