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Batch Experimentation

By Rita Bratovich. When Phil Spencer and a group of associates started tossing around ideas for a small, alternative arts festival, they kept referring to a “batch” of performers and “batch” of shows. The subliminal messaging lured them down to Batch Brewing Co for some experimental beer drinking and it was here that the name […]

Smurf in Wanderland

For enthusiasts of the physical performance of theatre and the drama of the world’s most popular sport: football or soccer (a contradiction to distinguish it from other codes) the new play Smurf in Wanderland presented by the National Theatre of Parramatta in association with Griffin Theatre Company brings together the two mediums in a light […]

Review: The Turquoise Elephant

Griffin Theatre’s latest offering is urgent, hilarious and uncomfortably close to reality. The staging is immediately tremendous and imposing, jutting into the unreserved audience seating. A bejewelled Roomba patiently perambulates about the clinically white stage as the audience files in. The Turquoise Elephant takes place inside the triple-glazed luxury compound where the outspoken and restless […]

Creatively Combatting Racism

BY JAMIE APPS While many people would rather not admit it, racism is still alive and rampant within Australian society, as evident by recent comments from Pauline Hanson and Sonia Kruger. Thankfully though our vibrant arts community is creating works that combat intolerance and attempt to bring us together as a single unified community. My […]

The Literati

Bell Shakespeare and Griffin Theatre Company are bringing a 350-year-old French play kicking and screaming into the 21st century. The Literati, penned by acclaimed Australian playwright Justin Fleming, draws inspiration from Molière’s Les Femmes Savantes, which originally premiered in 1672. The play follows the love of Juliet and Clinton as it attempts to overcome the strong, highbrow disapproval of Juliet’s […]

Sydney Theatre Becomes More Colourful

It only takes a few minutes of channel changing on Sydney’s commercial television networks to see how whitewashed our media and entertainment scene is. From news and current affairs, to the soaps and the reality programs; our screens are dominated by blonde women, square-jawed bronzed teens and white middle aged men. New ABC managing director […]


Beached is about an obese teenager, Arty, and his Mum JoJo , played by Gia Carides. He weighs in at 401kgs and will die in the next couple of years unless something is done, so they agree to go on a reality television show. “Beached will give an eye-opening opportunity to see how fake reality […]